Nativa chose Caulier and Birreria Artigianale Vallecellio beers to enhance the taste of its Teff salty snacks.


We are passionate brewers of Belgian quality beer, low fermentation beer, superior taste, extraordinary lightness. no residual sugar, No artificial sweeteners and no preservatives.

Caulier Beers extra taste never cease to amaze and among light beers boast 30% less calories compared to equivalents. This is the result of our passion for craft beers and our secret recipe.

BLONDE: alluring yellow color beer rich in delicate scents of citrus and herbs. After the first sip, semi-sweet taste and spices sweetness prevail. A pleasant taste of great freshness due to natural carbonation and sugar shortage.

TRIPLE: far from ordinary sweetened Belgian beers. Honey, mango and 5 hops citrus season for long and very stable in the mouth.

IPA GLUTEN FREE: Simcoe citrus, dry hops and malt-flavored toast. Thin and light bubbles. As all Caulier’s beers dry. Gently taste giving freshness perception thanks to natural carbonation rid-off all carbs.





VALLECELLIO: Craft beer, unfiltered, unpasteurized, preservatives free.

LA CASTANEA: Besides malted barley to the traditional recipe some dried chestnuts are added and a special yeast for an unmistakable flavor and aroma. Recommended pairing with cheeses and cold cuts and tasty and savory foods. Alcoholic content 5,9% by volume.

LA MONDINA: Beer called “Bianca” or “Cruda” with malted barley and Arborio un-malted and un-polished rice

Flavored with bitter orange peel and coriander seeds. Particularly light and thirst-quenching drink indicated as an aperitif and recommended pairing with appetizers. Alcoholic content 4,5% by volume.