About us

Nativa is a new company in the Italian food sector born from an idea of a pro team with managerial background determined to work together to bring to tables gluten-free products with high nutritional content innovative cereals.
Between innovative cereals Nativa uses Teff for its products, ancient Ethiopian cereal, and gluten-free certified oats. New products are not developed just to gluten intolerants but for balanced diet lovers, attentive to raw material authenticity and always looking for new, simple and tasty recipes.

Nativa products are born not only for those who are gluten intolerant but also for all those people who want a balanced diet, attentive to the authenticity of raw materials and always looking for new, simple and tasty recipes.
All Nativa’s products are realized thanks to cooperation with gluten-free cooking expert chefs.
All recipes of Nativa products make use of the collaboration of expert chefs in gluten-free cooking.

Nativa is among the first to produce pasta with Teff starting from farming.

An ancient wealth from Africa to the World

Matteo, Alessandro, Umberto and me.
Beginning 2010. Four thirty-years-old true friends living in the suburbs of laborious and never still Treviso, north east side of Italy.
Promising future ahead of us. We were brilliant, driven men who accomplished amazing things.
We used to run early in the morning on Montello’s hills. it was our daily scheduled meeting to start in robust and energic way our days. Not many words. Just peaceful breaths through so called “Bosco dei Dogi”. Every day. Sunny or rainy. Holiday and weekday. Pure oxygen for mind and soul providing energy. Running became a need. Wellbeing and health lifestyle too. Back home, refreshing shower and … so much hunger!
In order to avoid frustrating the efforts we were needing for something to eat very compliant to our way of life, that goes well with our idea “we are what we eat”. We really were looking for genuine and alternative food. We did not embrace veg philosophy at the time. We paid attention to origin of goods, we preferred vegetables and fruit to meat, when buying we paid attention to sustainable crops, real organic products become a must day after day, but we were looking for high protein and nutritive food.
I don’t remember who told us about Teff.
This name never whispered in our ear before. An ancient whole-grain cereal coming from handsome Africa and cryptic Arabia. Who introduced it to us told its healthy-giving properties fit for us. Fit for Antonio, coeliac. We needed to learn about Teff. Claudio was in touch at the time with a nutritionist. We involved him to find out if Teff was the right answer to our need for healthy, simple but tasty food. Teff has got both the cover and the chops to do it. We have succeeded.
We contacted a family run well-work-devoted mill based in Lower Verona plain and they embraced our idea and project to realize TEFF PASTA.
Set aside our own degrees and started our own business. From personal need to business.
This is how our business project was born.
Massimiliano – TERZOCERCHIO

Top quality gluten free products and specialities.