Gluten free and obtained only from selected raw materials, are extremely fine flour for cakes, cookies and breading de La Veronese.

The line offers flours derived from corn as well, also from rice, amaranth, buckwheat and quinoa.

On the shelf, the flour for cakes, biscuits and breading is found in a colored polypropylene package with a 500 g transparent window.

Thanks to the cooperation with MOLINO AMICO we can offer  wide range of flours.


This type of flour is obtained from the processing of Quinoa seed.  Chenopodium quinoa, a grass originating in South America, belongs to the same family that includes spinach and beet.  Naturally gluten free, thanks to its high nutritional value and characteristic properties, quinoa has particularly beneficial effects on the body and its consumption results in an improvement of physiological functions. Lightly flavoured, high in fibre and protein may be used on its own or mixed with other types of flour, giving dough a distinctive taste.  Quinoa is very versatile and can be used to make bread, sweets and fresh pasta.


The natural absence of gluten and the high fibre contents make amaranthus easy to digest and suitable for coeliac patients and infants being weaned.  It is a scented flour with a high protein supply.  It is obtained from a plant that belongs to the Gramineae family originating in South America.  As it is highly aromatic amaranthus flour excels in the preparation of biscuits, bread, meatballs and focaccia.


Teff flour provides complex carbohydrates, it is rich in fibers (excellent in fighting diabetes), and it contains easy to assimilate calcium, potassium, and iron. It is also protein rich. Since during the milling it is impossible to separate the various components of the teff grain from each other, the resulting flour contains the entire kernel, thus making it naturally whole meal flour. This flour is ideally suited to prepare bread, pasta, gluten free sweets, and the ensuing products are highly digestible.