The best selected gluten-free rice at La Veronese: wisely worked with rigorous attention to preserve characteristics and values of this precious food.

Three types of rice: Vialone Nano “Nanin”, Carnaroli and Arborio. All omg and gluten free.

La Veronese® gluten-free rice is in vacuum packs of 1000 gr in colored cardboard boxes.


Nanin, our Vialone Nano Rice

Exquisite variety of semi-fine rice with typical round and semi-long shape. Excellence of Venetian tradition, progenitor of risotto and known worldwide.

Compact consistency lending for different preparations and recognized among best rice qualities produced in Italy. Versatile and distinctive flavour.

Best in minestrone, timbales and creamy risotto thanks to starch release during cooking.


Superfino Carnaroli rice

Typical pearl rice with easily visible inner gem and creator of excellent cooking resistance and capability to absorb aromas and seasonings. Most popular Italian rice variety.

Carnaroli, definitely one of the best rice in the world for risotto, has also a great versatility allowing use in many recipes such as rice salads or timbales.


Superfino Arborio rice

Very large grains ensuring perfect and evenly cook and central “al dente”.

Arborio, best for risotto, lends itself also well for soups and minestrone. Special excellent creaming to starch.

Pay attention and avoid overcooking as among superfine rice it holds lowest cooking resistance and status from raw to overcooked is fast. Leave it slightly “al dente”.