Gluten-free Teff flour

Not all Teff flours are quality ones. To get maximum yield of its beneficial effects and assuring quality even in cooking, Teff percentage must be not less than 30%.
Our flour carefully mixes raw products and guarantees the best yield and flavor to satisfy the most demanding customers.

Teff seeds are very small, not feasible to separate the caryopsis neither from the germ nor from the bran part and therefore they are kept whole in the milling, thus preserving a very high fiber content.
Teff boasts low glycemic index (LGI) thanks to fiber and complex carbs higher intake, suitable for diabetics, people on a weight loss diet, competing athlete’s endurance addicted and, last but not least, dedicated to celiac people.
Teff strong points: easily digestible, reduces the sense of hunger, regulates blood sugar levels, creating a regularity of the intestinal functions.

Teff qualifies as an excellent dietary supplement.
Teff can and must be considered a “well-rounded food”, able to attend everyone’s nutritional requirements and in particular those of:

  • Intolerant and celiac disease sufferers (gluten free)
  • Vegans and vegetarians (high-quality protein)
  • Diabetics (low glycemic index)
  • Health-conscious (rich in minerals, vitamins, fiber and vegetable proteins)

Stimulates brain activity

High digestibility

Low glycemic index

Antioxidant effect

Higher energy intake

Increases strengthens defenses

Why African’s famed distance runners credit teff for their endurance?